Welcome to Code Magic!

High quality, reliable and efficient code.

Dealing in software is our bread and butter, so we know what to expect from target platforms. We craft efficient code and ensure you get maximum performance from your application at all times.

Multiplatform software development.

Be it PC or mobile devices - we know them all. Using our custom built tools, we're proficient in developing applications for multiple platforms with only one source code base.

Expert project management and teamwork.

We're comfortable with leading a team and being a part of a bigger group. Communication is key and a virtue we cherish most at work.

We specialize in software development and consulting with major focus on:

  • Games
  • Virtual Reality
  • Performance optimizations
  • PC and mobile

We like a challenge when we see one and we're adept in all major tech.
Drop us a line if you feel we can help you!